Athletes. Typical Joint Diseases. Prevention & Treatment

Athletes are exposed to extreme loads, and this cannot but affect their health and the state of the musculoskeletal system in particular. The joints are especially affected.

Joint diseases among athletes can be acute and chronic. The most common are periarthritis, arthrosis and synovitis.

Synovitis is an inflammation of the inner layer of the joint capsule (synovium). Even a one-time overload may lead to it. The release of synovial fluid into the joint cavity is disturbed, leading to stiffness of movements and a feeling of heaviness. The joint itself increases, its contours are smoothed out, and the limb hurts when moving.

Arthrosis is already a chronic disease of the joints. It may be caused by prolonged overload, improper exercise and injury of articular cartilage. The pain is nagging, and the amplitude of motions is reduced. Arthrosis develops slowly (over years). Runners and football players are more likely to put into risk their knee joints, while high jumpers and long jumpers are more likely to risk ankle joints.

Periarthritis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joints. This disease develops slowly, stiffness of movements signals the beginning, sometimes aching pain appears, which increases with movement. Volleyball players, throwers and gymnasts are more likely to suffer from periarthritis of the shoulder joints. Fencers, tennis players and rowers are at greater risk of elbow joints.

Prevention of joint diseases includes high-quality nutrition, well-planned workouts and physiotherapy.

The best option is supportive therapy without additional stress on cells, tissues and the entire body. This solution was developed by our company and found a practical application in the form of a portable non-contact device Sensonica® Vega.

The operation principle of the device is based on the properties of radiation, that can perform no interaction with cells. Interaction with the affected tissues occurs without exceeding the parameters of cellular energy, which provides a deep effect on the affected areas and a high analgesic and therapeutic effect.

Use of Sensonica® Vega helps to:

• improve nutrition and saturation of cells

• restore circulation\microcirculation in tissues

• reduce the duration of inflammation phases

• reduce edema and regeneration of damaged tissues

• reduce pain syndrome and complete elimination of the cause of pain

• rejuvenate tissues and body recover as a whole.

Sensonica® Vega significantly improves the condition of professional chronic stress and joint disorders – tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee, etc.; and also helps to recover faster after operations and sports injuries.

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