Patented Technologies: What Are The Benefits?

A patent is a protective document that certifies the priority, authorship, and exclusive right to an industrial design, utility model, or invention. Patented technologies, especially in the medical field, have several advantages.

To obtain a patent, an invention must pass a review by a government authority responsible for intellectual property. Experts examine whether the invention meets three conditions:

  1. Novelty. This means that nothing similar existed before, and the solution has not been previously published in information sources.
  2. Non-obviousness. This means that the proposed solution is not obvious and does not follow explicitly from the state of the art. The invention must provide a measurable result that can be objectively evaluated, such as an increase in blood flow to organs. The application must include research results.
  3. Industrial applicability. The invention is not something mythical that exists only in the imagination. It can be produced and practically used in specific areas of activity.

A patent is issued only if all three conditions are met, which means that the invention is new, original, and suitable for production and use. Those who use patented technologies receive confirmation that the invention has been reviewed by experts, works, and thereby significantly reduces all kinds of risks.

In addition, a company that uses patented technologies gains the image of an advanced company, which helps attract customers, investors, and receive more applications, increasing profits. The author’s rights to the invention are protected by government agencies, and therefore, competitors cannot use such technology.

All Sensonica® branded devices are innovative high-tech devices developed based on our company’s patented and patent-pending technologies. Currently, we own four US patents and submitted 13 patent applications in the EU and the USA. This not only secures the protection of our developments but also guarantees the seriousness and reliability of our products.