Why Sensonica® Vega Is Safe To Use

Why Sensonica® Vega Is Safe To Use

To understand how Sensonica® Vega works, let’s take a look at what happens in our cells when we are sick.

A cell functioning as a system is supported by self-regulatory mechanisms. Their optimal performance depends on biophysical, biochemical, energy and informational processes.

There is an exchange of energy between different simultaneously occurring processes. Failures at individual stages of these processes lead to disruption of the subsystem of the cell’s vital activity: the system goes out of control, the cells stop working in concert, and the functionality of the entire organ can be disrupted. In the body, this manifests itself in the form of pathological conditions, including pain.

Many processes are challenged with overcoming a potential barrier, i.e. the initial and final states are separated by an intermediate state with a higher energy level. To overcome it, the system must receive additional energy – activation energy.

The source of such energy is collisions between molecules (molecular vibrations), and the rate of the process depends on the number of active particles. But not all molecules in the system have the energy to overcome the potential barrier.

In some cases, the reaction rate depends not only on the number of active molecules, but also on the number of their successful collisions. Interaction requires that the molecules be properly oriented and interact in certain groups.

One way to enhance the reaction is to increase the temperature, when the rate of thermal movement and the frequency of collisions increase. But for a living cell, this is an overly aggressive and stressful factor that leads to disruption of the basic functions of the body.

Sensonica® Vega radiation, due to its non-electromagnetic nature, affects only the orientation of the vibrations. Under the influence of waves, the fluctuations gradually level out in the entire volume of exposure and involve an increasing volume of substance in the process. It creates multiple groups that absorb the energy of random fluctuations. A volume resonance effect occurs and the probability of successful collisions increases, accumulating enough energy to overcome the energy barrier of the reaction.

This, in its turn, triggers the processes of self-regulation and restoration of the cell and, as a result, the tissue, organ and the entire body system. And maintaining the parameters of cellular energy within the normal range reduces the likelihood of side effects and complications from the use of Sensonica® Vega.

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