Our company is focused on business partnerships that combine efforts towards achieving mutually beneficial goals and achieveing joint success.

Collaboration in research

By combining our intellectual, material, and production resources, we will be able to carry out research in areas, that were previously inaccessible, and step up to a new level of products and services.

We are open to collaboration opportunities with organizations and scientific associations, as well as individual experts and scientists from related fields of science: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine.

We are committed to achieving common goals in coordinating research, joint development and implementation of advanced equipment and technologies, development connections, and joint initiatives.

We also invite commercial and government organizations, private entrepreneurs and practitioners interested in raising the level of the medical, wellness and veterinary services market through the introduction and promotion of innovative devices and devices for personal and professional use.

Technology cooperation

Our company enters the market with Sensonica® Vega technology, which is an innovative way to use non-ionizing radiation based on the Gertsenshtein effect for therapeutic purposes.

This is a completely new physical method for the impact of non-ionizing radiation on living organisms, developed on the basis of our company’s patented / patent-pending methods and technologies.

Sensonica® Vega technology allows to form various patterns of radiation, which allows you to influence almost any selected combination of cells, tissues and processes occurring in them.

Therefore, Sensonica® Vega technology can be used to create a wide range of therapeutic, diagnostic, measuring and information devices and systems.

Cooperation: Target Audience:
Joint research and development of new technologies in the field of non-ionizing radiation. Research institutes and laboratories, research groups.
Conducting clinical studies of the therapeutic effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body. Medical healthcare and education institutions: scientific, practical and medical centers, clinical hospitals and medical rehabilitation centers, medical universities / academies.
Development and implementation of patented methods and technologies of Sensonica Ltd. Manufacturers of high-tech products in the field of medical, wellness, veterinary equipment, precision and measuring instruments, electrical equipment.
Investment partnership. Investment funds and private investors, industrial and manufacturing companies and enterprises.

Innovation cooperation

The first high-tech products based on our technology are therapeutic devices for personal and professional use, under our brand Sensonica® Vega.

The unique method of exposure based on the Gertsenshtein effect demonstrates significant results in solving orthopedic problems, eliminating pain, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation, as well as prevention and systemic healing of joints, tissues and the body as a whole.

Our product portfolio:
  • Sensonica® Vega is an innovative non-contact therapy device
    for individual use.
  • Sensonica® Vega Pet is an innovative portable device
    for veterinary physiotherapy.
  • Sensonica® Vega Pro is a multifunctional physiotherapy device
    for professional use.
Cooperation Activity: Target Audience:
Opening a representative office of the brand Sensonica® in countries and regions. Commercial organizations, private entrepreneurs, physicians.
Dealer, distributor of products under the Sensonica® brand name. Commercial organizations, private entrepreneurs, specialists in the healthcare and related niches.
Sensonica® Vega brand equipment leasing. Private / public clinics and medical centers, veterinary clinics, fitness and wellness centers, recovery and rehabilitation centers.

Quality of Life
cooperation opportunities

Sensonica® not only provides products, but also resources and knowledge about the influence of non-ionized radiation and its best usage to improve everyday health. We encourage consumers to think beyond conventional definitions of health and wellness and take control of their personal health – whatever that might look like. It’s just one way we’re empowering the transformation of everyday health for all.

Cooperation Activity: Target Audience:
Information partnership Public and private healthcare organizations;
specialized educational institutions;
experts involved in private medical practice and health-improving activities, representatives of wellness industry and lifestyle medicine.

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