About the Company

Sensonica is an international company established in 2017 by a group of scientists who research detectors and generators of non-ionizing radiation.

Problems and solutions

People are constantly exposed to a complex mixture of cosmic, geo- and heliophysical influences, which all have a significant impact on their health.

The Earth’s growing, aging population requires an adequate supply of agricultural products and healthcare.

Sensonica technologies open up new horizons in health and wellness, offering devices, using non-ionizing radiation to improve a person’s well-being. Sensonica has invented, developed and patented a new method for evaluating the effects of radiation on living organisms.

Sensonica detectors and wellness devices offer solutions to  modern life’s major challenges.

We are developing innovative products, using ongoing research to fulfill the needs created by today’s lifestyle challenges. 

We are continuing to research and digitalize all areas of our business – to connect better with consumers, customers and healthcare professionals, improving productivity, flexibility and resilience. 

We have an agile innovation model, collaborating with external partners to provide consumers with everyday ecological lifestyle needs.

Our research, inventions and interests are focused on the influence of non-ionizing radiation in the following fields:

Consumer health

  • creating personalized detectors of non-ionising radiation and research of its influence on health and wellbeing
  • wellness devices
  • research – detector and device application in the healthcare system
  • personal wellness and wellbeing of humans and animals

Space Weather

  • personal detectors of space weather
  • sensor reference network to assess the impact of space weather and space events on the weather and climate of the Earth, as well as on the health of its inhabitants


  • detectors of Space non-ionizing radiation
  • monitoring the relationship between changes in space weather and seismic events


  • non-ionizing radiation influence on plants and seeds
  • digital farming systems
  • devices stimulating plant growth


  • detecting non-ionizing radiation influence on mineral growth
  • devices stimulating crystal growth

Sensonica lifestyle school – learning to live better

We live in an exciting era, where achievements in healthcare are enabling more people to make more informed decisions about their everyday health.

Humanity has never before had such an ability to care for ourselves and others, so now people are being given opportunities to manage their own health issues better.

New digital tools like wellness devices, apps, health trackers, and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms are making it increasingly possible for anyone to better understand their symptoms, be proactive about preventative care, and find the best self-care options.

Sensonica not only provides products, but also resources and knowledge about the influence of non-ionizing radiation and its best usage to improve everyday health.

We provide helpful information and learning tools to support appropriate self-diagnosis and self-treatment – knowledge about chronic pain, post-trauma rehabilitation, etc.

We are preparing apps for: 

  • space weather detection and its influence on health and wellbeing, 
  • the usage of proper wellness devices – Lyrae, Vega, etc

Sensonica Lifestyle – because health is personal, innovation should be as well

The rapid growth of digital technologies and our advanced understanding of biology are converging in exciting new ways which impact how we access, use and make our health decisions.

Guided by our purpose: “Science and research for better lifestyle,” we are delivering breakthrough innovations in healthcare and agriculture.

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