The Sensonica® Vega technology is unique.

The Gertsenshtein waves have never been used in physiotherapy because their effect on living creatures (biological objects) hadn’t been known before. Besides, it was challenging to create such a device. The technologies that would allow studying the Gertsenshtein effect in practice, to measure its characteristics instrumentally and evaluate its effect on biological objects, had not been available before.

Our company has developed methods, processes and tools to manage the Gertsenshtein effect in order to generate radiation, detect/measure it. We have also discovered its effect on living creatures.

The innovation of Sensonica® Vega technology is confirmed by 4 patents and 13 patent applications (US\EU).

Sensonica® Vega technology includes:

  • An apparatus and method

    for detection of penetrating non-ionizing radiation.

  • A method for evaluating and a detection apparatus

    for measuring the effect of non-ionizing radiation on the viability of living creatures.

  • A non-ionizing radiation generator

    ased on the Gertsenshtein effect, a method for evaluating the radiation effect on living organisms, and an approach to influence physical/chemical/biological processes

The essence of the therapeutic effect.

The essence of the therapy lies in the ability of the waves arising from the Gertsenshtein effect to penetrate deep into the tissues and influence the orientation of molecular vibrations, without engaging in energy exchange.

The interaction with the affected tissues occurs without exceeding the parameters of cell energy, which is possible due to the properties of the radiation itself, different in its physical nature from ionizing, electromagnetic and acoustic.

Gertsenshtein waves may cause resonance in the substance in the whole area, which is not possible for any other types of radiation, partially or fully absorbed by the substance.

As a result, we can significantly affect the kinetics of chemical/biochemical processes of aggressive interference in the processes of cell life.

The influence
of the generator on fluctuations

The possibilities of
Sensonica® Vega technology


Sensonica® Vega technology incorporates complex modulation of the carrier radiation, which allows the formation of stimulation patterns aimed at solving specific problems of living cells, tissues and the whole body.


A pattern may contain several modulated signals simultaneously. As a result, the technology can affect various selected combinations of cells, tissues and processes running in them.


It represents a wide represents a wide range of possibilities for the development of new methods, techniques and, consequently, devices that can be used for the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of human and animal health.

The innovation of Sensonica® Vega technology

All devices of Sensonica® Vega technology are innovative and high-tech.

It is possible to achieve the radiation characteristics required to demonstrate biological effects only with the most advanced, high-quality and innovative components: high-precision frequency generators, a sophisticated magnetic system, powerful laser sources, a laser control system and a powerful microcontroller to control the operation of the device in real-time.

We managed to combine all these components in one compact and safe device by minimizing power consumption. The flexibility, ease of use and wide range of configurations of different types of exposure became possible because of the flexible architecture developed by our specialists.

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