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Wellness devices – products for general health and wellness with a stunning innovative approach to healing and rehabilitation.

Sensonica technologies are opening up new horizons in health and wellness care,

offering devices enhanced in detecting low and very low-intensity radiation as well as wellness devices, using non-ionizing radiation for improving a person’s well-being. We are working to make personal health more effective, more sustainable, more accessible, as the best way to care for people is to empower them to care for themselves.

Every day, we put our knowledge and skills to work, delivering products for wellbeing, using research for better living. With Sensonica detectors and wellness devices, we are offering solutions to modern life’s major challenges.

Sensonica Vega

Sensonica Vega is a portable, non-invasive, directional non-ionizing radiation device based on the Gertsenshtein effect which allows you to fight chronic pain.

One of the device’s uses is to improve blood and lymph circulation after an injury and reduce symptoms of inflammation, especially joint pain. Thanks to Gertsenshtein waves’ action on the human body, blood circulation is activated, inflammation is reduced, and metabolism in cells and tissues is improved.


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