About us

Sensonica is an international tech company focused on non-ionising radiation research and real-world application.

Since our foundation in 2017, we’ve been engaged in studying space phenomena, such as solar activity and natural radiation, and their connection to biological life on Earth.

Over the years, we have secured over 15 patents and applications in the EU and the USA for our discoveries and inventions.

In the present day, we use our expertise to design and manufacture innovative devices that enhance people’s well-being and elevate their quality of life.

Our Focus

Our G2Wave™ technology opens up numerous possibilities for making positive changes in the modern world. Currently, we direct our efforts and research towards advancements in the following key domains:

  • People and Animal Health – personal wellness devices;
  • Weather – space weather monitors;
  • Astronomy – detectors of non-ionising radiation from space and Earth sources;
  • Geology – devices that stimulate crystal growth;
  • Agriculture – digital farming systems; plant growth-enhancing devices.

We are always open to collaborate with new partners.

Send us a message via our site or email us at info@sensonica.com

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