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General Questions

Frequent questions about our technology and devices.

1. What makes Sensonica products unique and innovative?

Sensonica is a young company involved in research into the detection and generation of non-ionizing radiation. Since 2017, Sensonica has gathered top-notch scientists and invested into the research and development of its cutting-edge technologies. Today, we have registered or submitted 17 patents for registration and use a number of technologies which found their practical application via the 3 devices we already have available on the market: Vega, Vesta and Lyrae.

2. Do you ship worldwide or are there any limits?

We ship our products worldwide.

3. What are the possible side effects of using Sensonica Vega?

Vega is absolutely safe, proved by the CE marking in the EEA and other countries. Generators are safe and non-invasive. Should you notice any symptom or side effect, stop using the device immediately and contact your doctor.

4. Are Sensonica products certified by healthcare organizations?

The devices currently have CE safety certification. Medical certification usually takes longer and is in process.

5. Can Sensonica products be applied together with traditional treatment?

Yes, they can be applied together. However, we suggest you discuss the strategy with your doctor beforehand.

6. Are Sensonica products compatible with highly sensitive devices like cardiac stimulators?

Generators are compatible with other technologies, except medical devices, sensitive to the magnet field.

7. How long does it take for the pain relieving effect to work with Sensonica products?

In our research, pain relief was detected 10-15 min after the first application session.

8. Is it safe to use Sensonica products without a physician's prescription?

Yes it is safe, the products have been certified as electronically safe and can be used unless there are other existing health problems that need a doctor’s consultation.

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