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What is Sensonica Vega?

Sensonica® Vega is a new, cutting-edge device that alleviates pain and accelerates recovery of tissues, damaged by trauma, stress and aging.

Engineered by Scientists, inspired by Nature.

For over a decade we have been developing our main product – Sensonica Vega. It’s a personal wellness device, that goes beyond surface-level treatments, diving deep into cellular regeneration.

Powered by innovative G2Wave™ technology.

The wave generated by Sensonica Vega is electrically neutral and has a relatively low energy of interaction with matter. In other words, the G2Wave™ does not cause any mechanical stress to the tissues, while activating inner self-regulation processes on molecular level.


– no contact with the skin,
no heat or vibration


– immediate relief after
the first session


– lower chance of pain
remission over time


– natural rejuvenation of
body cells and tissues

How can Sensonica Vega help you?

Vega offers three operating modes, providing users with flexibility to choose between general revitalising and acute/chronic pain alleviating settings.

The current modes are represented below:




The device can be used independently or as a complementary method to surgical and pharmacological treatment.

Most common uses include:

orthopaedic disorders – symptoms of gout, arthritis / orthosis, rheumatism and similar health issues;

recovery from sports injuries (stretching, bruises, fractures);

occupational disorders of the joints and limbs – tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee, etc.;

rehabilitation after operations, fractures and other common injuries;

healing and rejuvenation of tissues and joints, prevention of orthopaedic diseases;

in the event of an acute pain episode as a means of quick relief.

How does Sensonica Vega work?


The generator inside the Sensonica Vega device creates a specifically modulated gravitational wave, known as G2Wave.

The G2Wave has an extremely low frequency and isn’t electromagnetic in nature, which means that it would not absorbed by the body cells. Therefore, only kinetics of biophysical and biochemical processes is affected.

Reaction of the body:

The G2Wave reaches deep into the tissues without any mechanical stimulation, such as heat or vibration.

It operates on biologically active frequencies, creating optimal conditions for the cells to activate natural self-repair processes and improving cellular metabolism.

As a result, your body’s own ability to heal and regenerate is increased.

1. Sensonica Vega generates the G2Wave.

2. The G2Wave reaches molecular level of the cell.

3. Cells react to the G2Wave and regenerate faster.

Why choose Sensonica Vega?


– uses cutting-edge, unique technology to stimulate natural healing


– can be used anywhere;
lasts up to 12 sessions on one charge

Easy to Use

– has simple interface with preset modes, controlled by only 3 buttons


– does not require skin contact, has no aggressive impact on the tissues


– solves various health problems of all family members


– efficient, yet unnoticeable:
no heat, vibration, light or noise

What people say about Sensonica Vega?

Frequently Asked

More information can be found here.

1. Is Sensonica Vega safe to use?

Vega is non-invasive and absolutely safe, proved by the CE marking in the EEA and other countries.

2. Are there any known side effects?

No adverse effects were reported. Temporary skin redness (no longer than 30 min) may occur, or feeling of warmth or heaviness in the target area. Should you notice any symptom or side effect, stop using the device immediately and contact your doctor.

3. Is the device suitable for individuals with specific health conditions?

Use of the device is not recommended for those who have:

  • bacterial infections;
  • diseases associated with cellular hyperfunction;
  • acute phase of an inflammatory process;
  • implanted magnetic or electronic devices (hearing aid, insulin pump, cardiac pacemaker, etc.).

Caution (medical supervision) is recommended for those who have:

  • major infectious diseases;
  • tumors of any stage and/or metastases;
  • open wounds (only clean areas after disinfection);
  • pregnancy of any term;
  • age under 3 years.

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