personal portable device for pain relief, rejuvenation and rehabilitation of tissues and joints.

Developed on patented (or patent-pending) technologies.
Doesn't stop the symptoms, but acts on the cause.
CE Safety Certificate.

quicker recovery after operations, sports injuries, orthopedic disorders.
Get back to your normal lifestyle!

Developed on patented (or patent-pending) technologies.
Doesn't stop the symptoms, but acts on the cause.
CE Safety Certificate.

youth and health of tissues and joints for a long time.

Invisible impact – visible results!

Developed on patented (or patent-pending) technologies.
Doesn't stop the symptoms, but acts on the cause.
CE Safety Certificate.

Unparalleled pioneering innovation for your well-being.

Everything can change
in an instant:

The injuries happen
all of a sudden.

Plans get messed up.

Pain occurs
in a very wrong time.

You feel powerless,
frustrated and resistance.

Age changes
are progressing.

Lose control over your life.


is a unique, unparalleled device for the rehabilitation of tissues, skeletal and joint structures damaged by trauma, stress and aging.

Innovative technology employing non-ionizing radiation based on the Gertsenshtein effect.

Effectiveness behind Sensonica® Vega method lies in high penetrating power waves and their influence on the orientation of oscillations molecules without causing a change in their electrical status.

What does
Sensonica® Vega mean?


– does not produce mechanical stimulation and does not heat the tissue


– acts non-invasively and without contact with the body


– able to penetrate deep into tissues


– doesn’t stop the symptoms, but acts on the cause

Sensonica® Vega’s
exposure parameters are programmed for optimal results:

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  • during the rehabilitation period after operations, fractures and other domestic injuries;
  • when recovering from sports injuries (stretching, bruises, fractures);
  • occupational disorders of the joints and limbs – tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee etc.;
  • with orthopedic disorders – symptoms of gout, arthritis / arthrosis, rheumatism and similar articular health symptoms;
  • in the event of an unexpected pain syndrome as a means of urgent relief of pain;
  • for healing and rejuvenation of tissues and joints, prevention of orthopedic diseases.

Therapeutic effects
of exposure:

Radiation modulation is carried out in the EFL range (Extremely Low Frequency) at 24Hz frequency.

The low frequency radiation of Sensonica® Vega has a significant effect on:
intracellular transport, cellular mechanics (including membrane and cytoskeletal mechanics), molecular motors responsible for ATP synthesis and cellular/tissue respiration.

As a result:

  • cell nutrition and saturation improves
  • tissues circulation / microcirculation is restored
  • the duration of inflammation phases is reduced
  • edema decreases and regeneration of damaged tissues accelerates
  • pain syndrome decreases and the cause of pain is eliminated

Why Choose
Sensonica® Vega

  • Designed based in innovating US patent and US/EU patent-pending technologies.
  • Holds CE safety certificate.
  • Demonstrated practical effectiveness even after one-time application.

Device users stories:

Sensonica® Vega is a choice of people who value the ultimate effect:


brings in progressive way to solve a problem


no aggressive stress load on tissues and organs


has cumulative analgesic and healing effect

High-tech Design

complex multi-component technology in a compact ergonomic body


can last for up to 12 sessions on one charge


using one device to solve healthcare problems of different natures

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you
answer some of the more common ones.

General Questions

Frequent questions about our technology and devices.

1. Is the device’s radiation safe?

The device has a CE certificate, which guarantees that the radiation level during its operation is significantly lower than the maximum permissible. The use of Sensonica® Vega is safe for people of all ages.

2. Is an overdose possible?

The device affects the orientation of vibrations of molecules, in some way tuning them into unison, and not entering into an energy exchange. This approach secures that no overdose is possible upon using the device. No overdose was observed even after continuous exposure to biological tissues for more than 3000 hours. If the rules for using the device are followed, overdosing becomes totally impossible.

3. Is the Sensonica® Vega device classified as medical?

Sensonica® Vega is a low-risk wellness device that helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sensonica® Vega helps you to cope with and manage painful conditions and reduces risks of certain diseases. It can be used as a complementary method for surgical and medical treatment.


Currently, we are working on having it certified it as a medical device.

4. Are There Any Contraindications for Using Sensonica® Vega?

It is not recommended to apply the device upon:

  • if the patient is using a heart pacemaker or metal structures made of magnetic materials;
  • diseases associated with cell hyperfunction;
  • acute phase of inflammatory processes, as well as in a state of acute mental arousal or intoxication.

If you are prone to seizures, have epilepsy, are pregnant, have an autoimmune disease, or have cancer, consult your healthcare professional before use. Read more about contraindications in the user manual.

Usage Questions

The most frequently asked questions about using the device.

1. How to direct and hold the device correctly during the session?

The radiation exit zone is marked on the body of the device with a highlighted area. During the session, keep the device motionless, pointing it at the problem area, taking into account the beam divergence angle. If necessary, place it on a stable surface or use a tripod.

2. At What Distance?

The high penetrating power of radiation allows us to claim that the depth of exposure is not limited. But since the device has a narrow radiation pattern, when approaching, the radiation density increases, when moving away, it dissipates, capturing a wider area of influence. The optimal distance is 5 – 40 cm.

3. Can the device be used while it is being charged?

It is not possible. When the charger is connected, the device cannot be operated.

4. How Long Does It Take to Charge Sensonica® Vega?

With a fully discharged battery, it will take 2-3 hours. In everyday use, it is better to charge as you discharge, so that the device is always ready for use.

5. How Long Does It Run On a Fully Charged Battery?

Approximately 60 minutes. This makes it possible to carry out up to 6 sessions (“Pain” mode) or up to 12 sessions (“Revitalisation” mode).

6. What Happens If I Leave The Device turned On?

If you forget to turn off the device, it will turn itself off after 10 minutes.

Technology Questions

Frequent questions about device technology.

1. What Is The Difference Between Sensonica® Vega and Physiotherapy Devices Based On Other Principles?

Unlike magnets, infrared, shock wave or other similar devices, the radiation of Sensonica® Vega is not electromagnetic in nature. This means that it’s not absorbed by cells and is able to influence processes even in deep-lying tissues. The radiation affects exclusively the kinetics of biochemical/biophysical processes, triggering the processes of self-regulation and restoration of cells, tissues, organs and the entire body system. There are currently no other devices on the market employing the Gertsenshtein effect.

2. How is Sensonica® Vega different from bioresonance devices?

Bioresonance therapy devices are based on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the nuclei of atoms and electrons that make up molecules. Bioresonance causes their forced oscillations in strict accordance with the EM wave. Since the wave interacts with charged particles, its energy is spent on heating tissues, which leads to its attenuation at a certain depth. It is impossible to achieve coherent oscillations in the entire area of influence by the bioresonance method.
The carrier of Sensonica® Vega are the waves arising from the Gerzenstein effect, which do not interact with charged particles due to their non-electromagnetic nature. This allows radiation to penetrate into the deepest layers of the tissue without aggressively aligning the direction of vibration of the molecules. A coherent field of resonant action arises in the entire area of influence, which affects the kinetics of biochemical reactions.
Thus, the effect is not on molecules, but on biochemical processes, which leads to a stable therapeutic effect.

3. Why Has No One Used The Gertsenshtein Effect For Therapeutic Purposes Before?

Previous generation technologies were not capable of studying the Gertsenshtein effect in practice, or measure its characteristics instrumentally, to evaluate its impact on biological objects. Our company has developed and patented the technology to do this, and entailed creation of tools for working with the Gertsenshtein effect. The tools allow the generation of radiation, to detect/measure it, and also discover its effect on living organisms. Sensonica® Vega is one such tool. Before us, no one used such technology, because it did not exist.

4. Why Is Sensonica® Vega So Expensive?

To achieve the radiation characteristics required to demonstrate biological effects, we had to employ and rely on the most modern and advanced components, that are traditionally expensive. We use only high-quality and progressive components to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our device. We hope that with the development of this technology, we will be able to reduce the cost of the device.

Sensonica® Vega

— invisible impact but
visible results.

Sensonica® Vega is the only healing device in terms of method and depth of action with a low level of side effects.

Let our medical expert give you a detailed answer to your question.

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